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Bike Fix-It Stations

Approved in the Fall of 2019 as a sustainability grant, and crafted by one of our very own board members. This project aims to create more accessible ways to fix bikes and encourage more ridership. Funding went to the purchase and installation of new pumps and stations throughout Oberlin.

Chimney Swift Tower

This Sustainability Grant was approved in the Fall of 2019. Proposed by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and with the help of Oberlin Girl Scouts to build a chimney swift tower. Chimney swift towers are nesting sites for chimney swifts who need to have nests that are vertical in order to mate. This project was completed in partnership with the Black River Audubon, and the Ohio Ornithological Society.

Shagbark Haven Maple Syrup Center

This Sustainability Grant was awarded in the Fall of 2020.