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AJLC Lighting Retrofit - Phase II

Phase I of this project focused on high demand locations and safety in the interior of the building, while Phase II focuses on high demand and safety concerns of the exterior of the building. The project replaced the lighting in six metal-halide sidewalk light poles, four metal-halide fixtures under the solar parking canopy, and five exterior entryway lights at the three main entrances to the building. This update legitimizes the building as Green Building at Oberlin and creates better lighting around the building for students and faculty.

Art in the Community

Art teachers in the Oberlin Schools are always looking for ways to get their students’ art in the community. This project allows students from the local schools to have their artwork featured in community businesses.

Bike Fix-It Stations

Approved in the Fall of 2019 as a sustainability grant, and crafted by one of our very own board members. This project aims to create more accessible ways to fix bikes and encourage more ridership. Funding went to the purchase and installation of new pumps and stations throughout Oberlin.

Build-A-Garden Project Expansion

This project ensures that OCS' Build-A-Garden is not only distributing materials to Lorain County citizens—but is working to build a local food network, is creating skill sharing and growth opportunities, and is bringing people together around food. The Build-A-Garden expansion includes offering ongoing mentorship opportunities with master gardeners, organizing community building events like cookouts, and offering volunteer support for installing a full garden in an interested person’s backyard.

Carbon Neutrality Curriculum Development

Funds were awarded to Oberlin College’s Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) with the purpose to aid in the development of a course for students. This course would use Oberlin College’s commitment to Carbon Neutrality as a case study for the understanding of carbon neutrality

Chimney Swift Tower

This Sustainability Grant was approved in the Fall of 2019. Proposed by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and with the help of Oberlin Girl Scouts to build a chimney swift tower. Chimney swift towers are nesting sites for chimney swifts who need to have nests that are vertical in order to mate. This project was completed in partnership with the Black River Audubon, and the Ohio Ornithological Society.

Environmental Dashboard Digital Signage for Installed Throughout the City of Oberlin

Funds were awarded to Environmental Dashboard to upgrade the "failing player" computers for the Environmental Dashboard Project.

Environmental Dashboard in Oberlin’s New PreK-5 School

Oberlin's Pre-K-5 School has been outfitted with Environmental Dashboard (ED) Monitoring, Display, and Educational Programming. The project aids in the development, implementation
and curricular integration of an ED system that significantly enhances educational opportunities for STEM learning and resource conservation education.

Free Store Mending Station

The Mending Station project aims to increase the Resource Conservation Team's free-store capacity for reuse and upcycling. The project supplies the materials needed for working with textiles by machine sewing, hand sewing, and embroidery. Additionally, the Mending Station provides access to educational resources for students and community members.

George Jones Farm Food Forest

The Food Forest at George Jones Farm is a community space intended to reinvigorate the learning garden and to show visitors an alternative way to farm organically through the food forest method. It provides an incredible resource for both Oberlin College and the greater Oberlin community. If you would like to learn more about food forests, click here:

Grafton Garden

Funds were awarded to Professor Jay Fiskio in order to purchase materials to expand the Grafton Garden, as well transportation for Oberlin students to Grafton for a weekly class meeting.

More Project Details to Come...!

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