How to Apply for Funding


Submit a pre-proposal application with your preliminary idea. If you have previously applied for funding from us, skip to step 4.


You will receive an email with questions we would like you to further address and/or people you should contact. Please give us a few business days to review your pre-proposal.  


Make any necessary revisions to your pre-proposal. Let us know if you would like to discuss your proposal during our Monday or Sunday meeting and/or via appointment.


Submit your proposal by downloading and filling out one of the applications below. Please send the final proposal to our email

Types of Grants

Sustainability Grants

Sustainability Grants are allocated to projects that promote environmental sustainability within the Oberlin Community, and do not have clear and calculable financial savings for Oberlin College. These projects do not necessarily result in direct resource use reductions, but do promote environmental sustainability as defined by the sitting Board.

Efficiency Loans

Efficiency Loans are allocated to projects that reduce resource consumption and have clear, calculable financial savings for Oberlin College. All financial savings directly resulting from these projects are paid by the College into the Efficiency Loan Account. Savings may be calculated based on conservative estimates or measurable changes in resource consumption data.

Carbon Management Fund Grants

Carbon Management Fund (CMF) Grants are allocated to projects that provide verifiable sequestration of carbon and are situated in or around Oberlin. These carbon sequestrations are meant to be attributed to specific areas of the College for which carbon offsets have not yet been acquired. 

What is the Green EDGE Fund?

The Green EDGE Fund is a student board that finances and generates projects within the Oberlin College and City Community that promote environmental sustainability, environmental education, and resource conservation by allocating sustainability grants, efficiency loans, and carbon management funds.

Spring 2021 Deadlines

Pre-Proposals: March 1st

Proposals: April 1st

Office Hours

Please contact us via email to schedule an appointment!

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Spring 2021 Meetings

Mondays 12:15pm - 1:15pm EST

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