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Board Members


Sionainn Rudek '23


My name is Sionainn (they/he) and I am a fourth year Environmental Studies major from Hillsborough, North Carolina. When I'm not learning about sustainable cities or mycology, I like to go running and make little creations in the pottery co-op! I am also in Tank co-op, which has been a magical, bean-filled journey during my time at Oberlin. My dream is to one day live completely "off-grid"in a self-sustaining community of human beings, regenerative buildings, and earthly critters. My time on the Green EDGE Fund Board has given me the opportunity to explore and solidify my commitment to sustainability, resiliency, and community-building.


Charlotte Spence '24

Public Outreach 

My name is Charlotte, and I am a third-year student from Newtown, Pennsylvania. I am an environmental studies major with an agriculture and food studies pathway, and I am especially interested in climate justice, sustainable agriculture, and food sovereignty. I am excited to be a part of the Green EDGE Fund, and looking forward to strengthening my connection to the Oberlin community through a dedication to sustainability. Outside of environmental studies and the Green EDGE Fund, I love to make ceramics, ride my bike, and hang out with my dog!


Martina Novajas Donoso '25

OES Liason

My name is Martina, and I'm a second-year student from Rengo, Chile. I'm intending to major in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. I'm interested in supporting communities in their transition to sustainable development while also addressing social issues that are connected to environmental justice. I believe in the power that we have as a youth to contribute to impulse these changes at Oberlin, and that's why I'm excited to be part of the Green EDGE Fund. You can also find me walking around Tappan Square and taking pictures of trees, or in the gym!


Noemi Duker '23

Tech Coordinator

Noemi is a fourth-year student from Johannesburg, South Africa, intending to double major in Economics and Computer science. She has an interest in air pollution and climate change. Noemi hopes to one day be a catalyst in reducing Africa’s carbon footprint and implementing more eco-friendly living solutions. She is a member of the Oberlin Finance club, you can find her reading a book in Tappan square or jogging around campus.


Lillian Gibson '25


Lillian Gibson (she/her) is a second year student from Boston, MA. She is a prospective Environmental Studies major and is also interested in studying Geology and Africana Studies. She is passionate about equitable transit, urban planning, and environmental justice. She enjoys DJing on WOBC FM 91.5, watching movies, rock climbing, and making art. She is very excited to start working on the Green Edge Fund.


Kathryn Beeman '23

Account Manager

Kathryn Beeman (she/her) is a fourth year Environmental Studies major, Sociology and Geology minor from Portland, Oregon whose primary focus is environmental sociology and the interactions between people and their environment. Outside of the Green EDGE Fund, Kathryn is a catcher on the Oberlin softball team, a Resident Assistant for first years on campus, and a member of the Oberlin Acapelicans. She is excited to continue to expand her passion for communities, the environment, and sustainability through her work with the Green EDGE Fund! 


Annika Lindholm '25

Vice Chair


Iman Abdullah '24


Annika Lindholm (she/her) is a second year from Claremont, CA studying Law and Society, Environmental Studies, and Dance.  She’s interested in fighting for environmental justice on the front lines, and is involved in other environmental organizations at Oberlin such as Students for Energy Justice.   In her spare time, she loves to make art, spend time with friends, and go on the occasional run.  She is excited and honored to be a part of the Green Edge Fund this year, and can’t wait to see how it fuels her passion and knowledge about sustainability and environmental justice! 

Iman is a 3rd year from Kumasi, Ghana majoring in Economics. As one of the Social Entrepreneurship Fellows on campus, Iman collaborates with administrative stakeholders in the college and County to explore initiatives that would ensure long-term sustainable growth in business education and entrepreneurship in the area. Iman is also the STARS Intern at the Office of Environmental Sustainability and a Resident Assistant in the Traditional Hall Cluster. In between classes and work, she loves to explore spicy Ghanaian recipes. This year, she is excited to rediscover sustainable finance in the lens of the Green Edge Fund as its Treasurer.  


Anokha Venugopal '23

Public Outreach 

Anokha Venugopal (she/her) is a visual learner. As an Environmental Studies major and French minor, Anokha is passionate about utilizing media, specifically photography and videography, as a tool for social and environmental change. At Oberlin, Anokha’s interests in media and environmental communications have motivated her to work as a Photo Editor for the Oberlin Review, Public Outreach member for the Green Edge Fund (obviously) contributing photographer for the Office of Communications, and Sustainability Intern for the City of Oberlin. 

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