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Board Members


Charlotte Spence '24


Charlotte Spence (they/she) is a fourth-year student from Newtown, Pennsylvania. They are an environmental studies major with an agriculture and food studies pathway, and are especially interested in climate justice, sustainable agriculture, and food sovereignty. Outside of environmental studies and the Green EDGE Fund, Charlotte loves to make pottery, go biking, and pet dogs.


Annika Lindholm '25

Vice Chair

Annika Lindholm (she/her) is a third year from Claremont, California studying Politics, Environmental Studies, and Dance.  She’s interested in fighting for environmental justice on the front lines, and is involved in other environmental organizations at Oberlin such as Students for Energy Justice.   In her spare time, she loves to make art, spend time with friends, and go on the occasional run.  She is excited and honored to be a part of the Green Edge Fund this year, and can’t wait to see how it fuels her passion and knowledge about sustainability and environmental justice!


Iman Abdullah '24


Iman Abdullah is a 4th year Economics major from Ghana. She serves as Treasurer on the board. As an Impact Investment Fellow, Iman works with the Board of Trustees’  Investment Committee in aligning the endowment’s sustainability goals with the values of the Oberlin community. Iman is also the STARS Intern at the Office of Environmental Sustainability. In between classes and work, she loves to explore delectable Ghanaian recipes. 


Nathaniel Liu '26

Accounts Manager

Nathaniel Liu (he/him) is a 2nd year student from Washington, DC and Maine. His city and rural backgrounds give him a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing issues of sustainability and social justice. Nathaniel is passionate about connecting the students, faculty, and staff of the college with the surrounding community. When he’s not in classes or doing work for the Green EDGE Fund, Nathaniel takes photos for the Office of Communications, plays fiddle music at contradances and farmer’s markets, and sits on the Tappan Square swings attempting to do homework. 


Isa West '24

Public Outreach

Isa West (she/her) is a fourth-year student from Somerville, Massachusetts studying Comparative American Studies, Environmental Studies, and Studio Art. She is especially passionate about implementing more access to nature into cities, food justice, and building community through the arts. Outside of the Green EDGE Fund, you can find her working at Firelands Association For The Arts, as an assistant art teacher for the local Oberlin community, or at the Fab-Lab helping Oberlin college students with woodworking. She also loves to swim, bike, cook, and make jewelry.


Lillian Gibson '25


Lillian Gibson (they/she) is a 3rd year History Major with minors in Africana Studies, Geoscience, and Spanish from Boston, Massachusetts. This is their third year on the board and they’re really passionate about equitable transit, urban planning, and environmental justice. On campus Lillian is a concert booker at The ‘Sco, DJ and Outreach Workgroup Co-Leader for WOBC-FM 91.5, and Education and Research Intern at the Oberlin Heritage Center. In their free time Lillian enjoys backpacking, biking, playing the steel pan with OSteel, and making art. 


Martina Novajas Donoso '25

Carbon Management Liason

Martina (she/her) is a third year student from Rengo, Chile. She’s double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Psychology. She’s interested in supporting communities in their transition to sustainable development while also addressing social issues that are connected to environmental justice. Martina believes in the power that we have as young people  to contribute to impulse these changes at Oberlin, and that's why she’s excited to be part of the Green EDGE Fund. During her free time, she also enjoys spending time in  Tappan Square and taking pictures of trees, and going to the gym!


Gina Thompson '25


Gina Thompson (she/her) is a 3rd year Environmental Studies and English double major from Southern California. As her majors suggest, she’s interested in the ways communication and storytelling can help the environment. A new member of the Green EDGE Fund, she is looking forward to getting a better understanding of the environmental needs and goals of Oberlin college and community. Along with being on the Green EDGE Fund board, Gina is a proud co-oper, Co-Chair of the Oberlin Musical Theater and Oberlin Student Theater Organizations, and works virtually for an environmental nonprofit back home. She loves poetry, an array of grandma crafts, and cheese.


Jonah Barber '25

OES Liason

Jonah Barber (he/him) is a third year English major with a minor in Hispanic Studies from Tucson, Arizona. Jonah serves as the OES Liaison on the Green EDGE Fund, supporting collaboration between the college and the GEF on a variety of sustainable projects. Jonah is excited to work with the larger Oberlin community on sustainable projects, and to hopefully eradicate the scourge of plastic water bottles on Oberlin’s campus once and for all. Outside of the Green EDGE Fund, Jonah is a member of Oberlin’s varsity cross country and track & field teams, works as a residential assistant, and is also a teacher in the SITES program at Oberlin. He enjoys proselytizing about his flip phone, fumbling through Brazilian classical guitar pieces, and mountain biking in the Sonoran desert.

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