Board Members

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Emily Rosenberg '22


Emily Rosenberg is a fourth-year student from Tappan, New York. She is an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Religion and an Education Studies Concentration. She loves to find ways to turn her passions into action and education into implementation. When Emily is not dreaming up new ideas for the GEF, she is spending her time working at the Oberlin College Writing Center or in town at Slow Train. She is thrilled to continue working alongside community members to make environmental sustainability accessible, exciting, and relevant to Oberlin. 


Stephan Ciulla '21

OES Liaison

Stephan is a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Economics major from San Francisco, California who is passionate about sustainable environmental design. He has been involved as a Sustainability Representative for Oberlin's Campus Dining Committee and worked as a digital marketing contractor for You can find Stephan surfing at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, protecting his garden from aphids, or improvising in the kitchen. He is excited to continue his work as the liaison between the Green EDGE Fund and the Office of Environmental Sustainability with the goal of making Oberlin a more efficient and sustainable place.


Sionainn Rudek 

Public Outreach Team Member

My name is Sionainn (they/them) and I am a third year Environmental Studies major from Hillsborough, North Carolina. During my time at Oberlin I am learning as much as I can about alternative agriculture and sustainable building techniques in hopes of one day having my own off-grid farm. In the meantime, I enjoy making teapots at the pottery co-op and playing guitar on Tank porch (oh how I've missed the co-ops). As a GEF board member, I am excited to work with such inspirational people and creative projects that are actively helping Oberlin become a more sustainable community!


Phoebe von Conta '22


Phoebe von Conta is a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies double major from central Massachusetts, passionate about community design based sustainable solutions and projects. She is also involved as Community Voices manager of Oberlin's Environmental Dashboard, and an ENVS rep! Phoebe is a member of the cross country and track team, and can be found taking pictures of everything or adding nutritional yeast to popcorn. She is excited to continue connecting and collaborating with members within the college and community to redefine what sustainability in Oberlin can look like! 

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Justin Lee '22

Public Outreach Team Member 

My name is Justin, and I am a fourth-year Biology and Environmental Studies major from Williamsburg, VA. While all environmental topics are equally important, I am passionate about Environmental Justice and Policy. I am excited to be a part of the Green Edge Fund because it allows me to engage with the Oberlin community regarding sustainability. Besides working for the Green Edge Fund, I play on Oberlin's Tennis team.


Lillian Gibson '25

Lillian Gibson (she/her) is a first year student from Boston, MA. She is a prospective Environmental Studies major and is also interested in studying Geology and Africana Studies. She is passionate about equitable transit, urban planning, and environmental justice. She enjoys DJing on WOBC FM 91.5, watching movies, rock climbing, and making art. She is very excited to start working on the Green Edge Fund.


Kathryn Beeman '23

Kathryn Beeman (she/her) is a third year Environmental Studies major, Sociology and Geology minor from Portland, Oregon whose primary focus is environmental sociology and the interactions between people and their environment. Outside of the Green EDGE Fund, Kathryn is a catcher on the Oberlin softball team, a Resident Assistant for first years on campus, and a member of the Oberlin Acapelicans. She is excited to continue to expand her passion for communities, the environment, and sustainability through her work with the Green EDGE Fund! 


Audrey Kamal '22


Audrey Kamal is a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Comparative American Studies double major from Illinois who is passionate about global environmental justice, policy, and education. She also works for the Adam Joseph Lewis Center’s Living Machine, is an ENVS rep (with the lovely Phoebe), and plays on the Oberlin Field Hockey team. She has worked for SCARCE an environmental nonprofit in IL along with The Anando Trust in Kolkata, India. She is excited to continue working with the Oberlin community on their endeavors to become more sustainable. When not being a nerd over policy, you can find her making lots of Indian food or having random dance parties.


Wenling Li '21


Wenling is a fourth-year Environmental Studies and Economics major from Chengdu, China. Wenling is interested in environmental and energy economics and she believes in using financial capital to propel environmental sustainability. Wenling enjoys being part of the Green EDGE Fund as it allows her to engage with innovation and initiatives that promote local sustainability. She was also the sustainability intern for the City of Oberlin for Summer 2020 and a former student senator. In her free time, Wenling enjoys jogging, yoga, and baking.


Alayna Bierly ’22

Account Manager

My name is Alayna, and I am a fourth-year from Mount Vernon, NY. I am majoring in Environmental Studies and working towards possibly adding a Sociology minor to my degree. I am very passionate about sustainable building design and urban planning. I am excited to be a Green EDGE Fund board member to continue fostering relationships with Oberlin community members and to actively promote a variety of sustainable initiatives in our Oberlin community. I love painting and collaging, growing vegetables and herbs to use in my cooking and baking, and constantly accumulating new books in the hopes that I will soon make time to read them!


Noemi Duker '23

Project Generator

Noemi is a third-year student from Johannesburg, South Africa, intending to double major in Economics and Computer science. She has an interest in air pollution and climate change. Noemi hopes to one day be a catalyst in reducing Africa’s carbon footprint and implementing more eco-friendly living solutions. She is a member of the Oberlin Finance club, you can find her reading a book in Tappan square or jogging around campus. Noemi is looking forward to beginning her work as a new board member in helping be the bridge between environmentally sustainable projects and the Oberlin community.


Caleigh Vergeer '25

My name is Caleigh Vergeer, and I am a first-year student from Washington, DC. I am currently undeclared, but I plan to major in both Environmental Studies and Theater. I am especially passionate about environmental justice and climate change, and I hope to collaborate on these issues with the broader Oberlin community. I look forward to working with the students of Oberlin to make our school an even more just, joyful, societally aware, and sustainable place. As for my other hobbies, I love to sing and play guitar, DJ at WOBC, tap dance, and explore nature. And I’ve just begun learning how to grow mushrooms from their spores–they are so cute!


Martina Novajas Donoso '25

My name is Martina, and I'm a first-year student from Rengo, Chile. I'm intending to major in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. I'm interested in supporting communities in their transition to sustainable development while also addressing social issues that are connected to environmental justice. I believe in the power that we have as a youth to contribute to impulse these changes at Oberlin, and that's why I'm excited to be part of the Green EDGE Fund. You can also find me walking around Tappan Square and taking pictures of trees, or in the gym!