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Our Mission

The mission of the Green EDGE Fund is to support sustainability within the Oberlin College and City Community through the development, financial investment, and implementation of projects that protect social equity, lessen our impact on the natural world, and build community resilience.

Who are we?

The Green EDGE Fund is comprised of the Student Board, the Student Senate Liaison, the Office of Environmental Sustainability Liaison, the Primary Administrative Board Member, the Secondary Administrative Board Member, and receives support from a designated faculty advisor as well as several other administrative and faculty advisors.

The Student Board is primarily responsible for decision-making processes with direct oversight from the two administrative board members. The faculty advisor provides feedback on a regular basis and attends all weekly meetings. Input is sought from all relevant and available parties whenever important decisions are made by the Student Board.

What is the Green EDGE Fund?

The Green EDGE Fund is a student board that finances and generates projects within the Oberlin College and City Community that promote environmental sustainability, environmental education, and resource conservation by allocating sustainability grants, efficiency loans, and carbon management funds.

Spring 2021 Deadlines

Pre-Proposals: March 1st

Proposals: April 1st

Office Hours

Please contact us via email to schedule an appointment!

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Spring 2021 Meetings

Mondays 12:15pm - 1:15pm EST

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