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Bike Fix-It Stations

By: Sophia Cartsonis

In many ways, this project is a continuation and support of the generations of community work and of past Obies. To say that bikes are a part of the fabric of our community would be an understatement. Our first Bike coop was founded in 1986 and still runs to this day, providing affordable and accessible bike rentals that have further fueled our love affair with bikes at Oberlin. In addition, Obies at the Bike Co-op, as well as community members, have long promoted the education of bike maintenance and creating safe spaces for all students to learn and enjoy biking.

The accessibility of tools are just as important as the bike itself. The Bike Fix-It Stations offer an accessible communal resource by providing bike maintenance tools to anyone in need, thus removing the need to purchase items that often end up collecting dust. The convenient locations and the 24/7 access ensures your transportation is taken care of – in a hurry on the way to class or late in the evening.

“I thought I would have to purchase an Allen wrench to fix my bike, but I didn’t! I thought of checking out the bike station and found everything I needed.” - Kathryn Greene ‘22

Stations can be found at Mary Terrell Library, Keep Cottage (Bike Co-Op), Philips Gym, and other Locations!

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