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Funded Projects

Sustainability Grants

Efficiency Loans

  • Mudd Lighting Retrofit: In the spring of 2019, the Green EDGE Fund provided around $20,000 to transition Mudd to LED lighting which supports efforts to improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings. 

  • Low-flow Shower Heads in Dascomb: In 2009, the Green EDGE Fund financed an efficiency project in Dascomb Residence Hall, installing low-flow showerheads on 30 showers.

  • Village Housing Air Sealing: In 2014, the Board financed $34,000 to seal windows and doors in an effort to improve heating efficiency for student housing. 

  • King Lighting Retrofit: In 2018, the Green EDGE Fund approved $24,000 to transition King to all LED lights to improve energy efficiency and resource consumption. 

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