Funded Projects

Sustainability Grants

Efficiency Loans

  • Mudd Lighting Retrofit: In the spring of 2019, the Green EDGE Fund provided around $20,000 to transition Mudd to LED lighting which supports efforts to improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings. 

  • Low-flow Shower Heads in Dascomb: In 2009, the Green EDGE Fund financed an efficiency project in Dascomb Residence Hall, installing low-flow showerheads on 30 showers.

  • Village Housing Air Sealing: In 2014, the Board financed $34,000 to seal windows and doors in an effort to improve heating efficiency for student housing. 

  • King Lighting Retrofit: In 2018, the Green EDGE Fund approved $24,000 to transition King to all LED lights to improve energy efficiency and resource consumption. 

What is the Green EDGE Fund?

The Green EDGE Fund is a student board that finances and generates projects within the Oberlin College and City Community that promote environmental sustainability, environmental education, and resource conservation by allocating sustainability grants, efficiency loans, and carbon management funds.

Fall 2020 Deadlines

Pre-Proposals: October 6th

Proposals: November 6th

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